Blood work

What to Expect From Pet Blood Work

Like humans, pets sometimes require blood work for urgent health concerns or as part of their wellness exams. An animal blood test is among veterinarians' most critical diagnostic tools since it can diagnose specific ailments and monitor known conditions. We use broad blood panels to screen for potential conditions. If you live in or near Nashville, GA, and need pet blood work or other veterinary care, consider contacting Branch's Veterinary Clinic. We provide friendly and expert care to keep your pet happy and healthy. Continue reading to learn more about the common types of pet blood work we perform.

Blood work

Common Types of Pet Blood Work

While a pet blood test typically cannot diagnose a condition alone, this diagnostic tool can rule out or pinpoint specific causes of your pet’s ailment. Like other pet diagnostic tests, blood work is vital to your veterinarian's toolkit.

A complete blood count test, or CBC, is among the more common tests your veterinarian will perform. The CBC counts red and white blood cells and platelets. Red blood cells distribute oxygen in your pet's body. Low red blood cell counts can have several causes, while increased counts often signal dehydration. Elevated counts of white blood cells indicate your pet is fighting an infection, while low white blood cell counts can result from certain medications and other issues. Your pet's body also produces platelets in the bone marrow for blood clotting. Low platelet counts can indicate a recent infection or several systemic diseases.

The blood chemistry panel is another frequent type of pet blood test. This test provides information regarding your pet’s liver, kidney, and pancreas function. Your veterinarian will use blood work, your pet’s physical exam results, and observations of its behavior to determine its health and condition.

The Importance of Blood Pet Blood Work

Blood tests allow your veterinarian near you to detect several abnormalities in your pet’s blood that can indicate significant diseases or infections. For example, the CBC test can show signs of anemia, inflammation, or blood clotting in your pet. The blood chemistry panel tests can give your veterinarian a clearer picture of the health of your pet’s organs. These tests give your veterinarian a more comprehensive look at your pet’s health while narrowing down the causes of its symptoms. Your veterinarian can then provide the appropriate treatment to keep your pet healthy.

Protect Your Pet’s Health by Visiting Branch's Veterinary Clinic in Nashville, GA

Blood work can help detect several health conditions that significantly impact your pet’s quality of life, so if you live in or near Nashville, GA, and need pet blood work done, look no further than Branch’s Veterinary Clinic. Our animal clinic can promptly diagnose and treat your pet’s condition to ensure it remains happy and healthy. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (229) 686-3661.

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