Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding at Branch's Veterinary Clinic

The world has opened back up and everyone is ready to travel. Unfortunately, not all destinations will allow us to bring along our beloved dog or cat. In addition, not all pets travel well.

To avoid stress during your otherwise relaxing vacation, many people turn to dog boarding to best support their pet's care while away from home. And while many businesses offer overnight care, veterinarian-based clinics stand out for fulfilling both emotional and pet health requirements, too.

Branch's Veterinary Clinic of Nashville, GA, is available to serve all your pet boarding and animal hospital needs.

Dog Daycare

Dog daycare is frequently used for two purposes. One type of daycare is to provide energetic dogs with a regular amount of play and socialization, such as puppy playdates. This type of care can provide many benefits to pets and is often found at day boarding centers or community playgroups. 

Another common reason for doggy daycare is to find veterinarian-supported care for a recently ill or injured dog. Some dogs may need medication during the day while an owner is away, or the ability to be monitored without chewing their stitches or licking their wounds. 

Pet Boarding

Pet boarding typically refers to hosting personal pets overnight, and often for multiple days. Pet boarding requires both a physical place for the pet to stay as well as the need for exercise during this visit.

Veterinary boarding offers the same pet care services you would expect for overnight care, with the added bonus of this care being supervised by a veterinarian should your pet have any medical needs, either chronic or urgent care. Branch's Veterinary Clinic pet boarding services include:

  • Comfortable overnight accommodations
  • Socialization
  • Large boarding kennels for dogs and kitty condos for our non-dog guests
  • Additional services upon request

Boarding at a licensed and certified animal hospital gives you peace of mind while you're away, knowing that all care concerns can be addressed for your dog by a prompt and skilled veterinarian.

In addition, pet boarding with your vet is a great choice for an animal that needs regular medication, or one who is prone to illness, such as a senior dog with allergies. Vet care can also manage more complex dietary needs for your dog. 

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Branch's Veterinary Clinic of Nashville, GA, is available to serve all your pet boarding and animal hospital needs. Call us today at (229) 686-3661!


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