Pet Anesthesia

When the people of Nashville, GA, bring their pets to see us at Branch's Veterinary Clinic for pet surgery, they might be worried about the effects of anesthesia might be on them. If you have any questions, a veterinarian on our veterinary team is here to help.


Anesthesia Poses Little Risk to Your Pet

There is very little chance of something bad happening to your pet while he is under anesthesia. Pets go under anesthesia all the time for procedures like oral surgery or spay and neuter surgery. The greatest danger comes from your pet having an allergic reaction to the anesthesia although this is still rare. With proper monitoring, however, we can help prevent an allergic reaction from hurting your pet even if he has one. 

Spay and Neuter Surgery

One reason why your pet might go under anesthesia is because they are going to get a spay or neuter procedure done. This surgery can have a variety of different benefits. Because it removes the reproductive organs of your pet, it prevents your pet from becoming pregnant or getting another pet pregnant. This can help reduce pet overpopulation and can help prevent you from needing to take care of unwanted litters.

Spay and neuter can also reduce your pet’s risk for certain cancers related to the reproductive system. This includes ovarian cancers, testicular cancers, and more. Spay and neuter can also cut down on potentially harmful behaviors such as roaming and aggression in male pets. Spaying can also decrease yowling and spraying from female pets as they go into heat.

Pet Dental Surgery

We might also provide pet anesthesia as a part of pet dental surgery for your pet. If he or she is having mouth problems, oral surgery might be necessary to remove teeth. Pet anesthesia might also be necessary for less invasive procedures because most pets will not sit still while a veterinarian works on their teeth.

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