Getting your pet spayed is an important part of caring for their health and safety. Spaying is done at the animal hospital and can improve your pet’s quality of life. However, it can be confusing for you to figure it all out. At Branch’s Veterinary Clinic in Nashville, GA, we are here to help you and your pet through the process. 


What Is Spaying? 

Spaying is an operation that removes your pet’s ovaries and uterus. It is done to render them sterile and prevent any unexpected or unwanted pregnancies.

Why Do You Spay Your Pets? 

A dog spay or cat spay is an important part of pet ownership. The main reason for this pet surgery is to prevent them from getting pregnant. If you’re unable or unwilling to take responsibility for potential litters of puppies or kittens, as well as the mother’s health, then spaying is necessary. Spaying also helps to reduce the risk of certain health conditions, including cancers.

How Is Spaying Done?

A Dog spay or cat spay is a major surgery. Once the veterinarian is sure that your pet is capable of handling the surgery, they’ll help you prepare for it. This often includes blood work and prepping your home for the recovery period. On the day of surgery, you’ll drop your pet off at the animal hospital. They will be given anesthesia and put to sleep for the procedure. The veterinarian will provide oxygen and fluids throughout the surgery. They’ll make an incision and remove your pet’s ovaries and uterus, then close them back up.

Once the anesthesia has worn off and your pet is cleared to go home, they will have a recovery period where they need to stay quiet and wear a cone to prevent any damage to the stitches as their body heals. 

What Are the Risks of Spaying?

Any pet surgery comes with risks. There could be complications with anesthesia or infection. Spaying also comes with a few negative consequences, though they are outweighed by the benefits. Your dog or cat’s metabolism will decrease, which can lead to weight gain. They might also be at risk of incontinence as they age, as well as certain behaviors. Despite these risks, vets strongly recommend spaying.

Schedule Your Pet’s Spay Surgery in Nashville, GA 

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